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Introduction to Programming Using Processing

Meysenburg, Mark. Introduction to Programming Using Processing. 2nd ed. Crete, NE: Mark M. Meysenburg, 2014. Print. ISBN: 978-1-312-07928-1.

From the back cover

Written in an informal, conversational, and humorous style, Introduction to Programming Using Processing makes learning programming a fun experience. This is almost certainly the only programming textbook in the world with references to Jurassic Park, NCIS, Chuck Norris, and Gamera!

The freely-available Processing language is ideal for a first course in programming. The simple-to-access graphics and multimedia capabilities of the language let students develop eye-catching, animated programs, instead of traditional programs that print text to the console. User interaction features let students connect with their programs in a manner that they're used to. Processing runs on all the major computing platforms, and can create "clickable" applications, in addition to Web-ready applets. Plus, the language's Java heritage carries over into later programming courses with little fuss.

Introduction to Programming Using Processing takes a "classes-later" approach, focusing on basics, using objects, selection, iteration, top-down-design, and arrays, before writing classes. Every example is presented in the context of the RADIS (Requirements / Analyze / Design / Implement / Support) framework, with considerable attention paid to design. Other positive habits, like good commenting practice and coding style, are emphasized as well.

For instructors

Instructors, if you'd like to have access to pedagogical materials, such as exercise solutions, lecture slides, project ideas, test banks, and so on, please contact the author directly:

Mark M. Meysenburg, Ph.D.
Professor of Information Science and Technology
Doane University
1014 Boswell Avenue
Crete, NE 68333